Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two Can Art Partners with PPD to Create Winter Solstice Collection

The first time I saw the catalog from PPD I was amazed at the beauty of the images on the products they produce. I am so thrilled to have some of my favorite Two Can Art images in the Winter Solstice Collection. There are four different designs on napkins, mugs with matching boxes and square plates.
Another wonderful thing PPD is doing is donating a % of sales to autism causes. I will be posting links to where they can be purchased as soon as I know.
Winter Solstice Fox Mug and Matching Box
Winter Solstice Fox Plate
Winter Solstice Moose Mug and Matching Box
Winter Solstice Moose Plate
Winter Solstice Goose Mug and Matching Box
Winter Solstice Goose Plate
Winter Solstice Rabbit Mug and Matching Box
Winter Solstice Rabbit Plate

I love this collection and what PPD did with the art.


  1. Patti, these are beautiful. You captured the feel of winter in a light and yet impacting manner to me. KUDOS on your donating a portion of the profits to Autism. Today you are a Rock Star. Much good luck with this collection and your endeavor.

  2. The Kudos go to ppd. They are the ones that are giving the % to autism causes.

  3. Patti, Beautiful designs! Congratulations on your success!

  4. These are great- really lovely. I am glad you are able to work with your son and bring awareness to such an important cause. Congratulations!

  5. This Collection is so special to me. What we make from Two Can Art is getting put back for Noah.

  6. Was wondering if these ever made it to a a store, Online or otherwise? Beautiful work, by the way...would love to order these

    1. I am so sorry it took so long to reply to this. They are on Amazon. You can also call or e-mail Company Too and they can fill orders as well. On Amazon look for ppd Winter Solstice. Here is the Company Too site contact info if you can't find them.
      The mugs are also available through stash tea's site:
      Again I apologize for the delay.

  7. Was wondering if these ever made it to a store Online or otherwise? Who is PPD? Beautiful work by the way...nice collaboration.

  8. PPD is Paper Products Design. They are on the market and have been available on Amazon and Stash Teas has had mugs on their site.
    They have also been in several gift shops around the world.