Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flag Samples Came

It's always interesting to see how your images end up looking on product. It's also fun to get your product samples. The horse flag came and is up. In the mean time I am painting away trying to get new contracts for licensing. I have been a bit pattern crazy lately and have been sending my agent a multitude of designs. It's fun taking elements from my art and creating something totally new.


  1. Love your artwork and your flags! Perhaps when this flag flaps around the horses look like they're actually moving. I've seen various flags around our neighborhood, but your designs are the nicest I've seen. Is the original painting done in watercolor?

  2. This was a commission that was actually done in oils on masonite. Thank you for the nice comment. I really loved painting it.

  3. Beautiful, Patti. Makes me want to go for a run! :) Diane