Friday, August 16, 2013

Illustration Friday topic is Power

There are so many ways to think about the word power. My first thoughts are about the power of nature, especially the sea. Maybe because I've been living near the ocean for several years and have seen what some of those gigantic waves can do. There is also power in the beauty the sea gives us not to mention all of the creatures that live in it's depths. The image here is from the Two Can Art collection of work that I do with my son, Noah's painted textures. Those who know me know that Noah is autistic and that he creates painted textures that are wonderful using a variety of techniques. I take his textures and use them to create images.


  1. What a great collaboration--the textures are lovely. Actually, the whole thing in lovely--great dynamic composition.

  2. Great movement, gorgeous textures, this is really relaly nice!