Friday, October 5, 2012

Illustration Friday Topic-Mirror

I thought this image would work well for the topic Mirror for this week. This is one of the Two Can Art images that I have been working on. For those who don't know Two Can Art is a collection of work that is a collaboration between my son, Noah who is autistic and myself. Noah paints all of the textures that I then take and create images. I am really loving working with the textures. Our next project is to create papers together. I just built a screen for it, so I am looking forward to what kinds of new textures will come from that. It will be fun to mix them with some of the painted textures.


  1. I just love how you work with your son this way. You are both so lucky to have each other, and the images you create together are remarkable!

  2. Great idea and nice piece of work Linda. It is so great that you are working with your son.

  3. Thanks Linda. Anonymous, I'm not Linda, but her blog always has something interesting to say. Glad you liked the Two Can Art image.