Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Can Art E-Commerce Blog

I am excited to announce the Two Can Art e-commerce blog. The blog has several images that can be made into giclee prints on demand. They will be printed on high end art paper and signed. These are all images that I did with my son Noah's painted textures. Noah is autistic and loves to paint. After he finishes his paintings I scan them into my computer, then I fuse them with design. It is really interesting to do work where I am limited to only using those textures. It has been really fun and I think that the fact that the images are just those textures gives the collection a really cohesive look. My licensing agent is representing Two Can Art as well as my individual work. Noah continues to do lots of painting, so I am sure we will be adding to these images. I am really thrilled that this is something that we share and love to do.


  1. These are really beautiful, and such a wonderful way for you to blend your talents with your son's! I especially love the bird and the red lollipop trees.

  2. Hey Patti,God bless you and Noah. What a wonderful collaboration of love and talent!