Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Commissioned Painting

I recently had art up at a cafe in Santa Cruz. A woman contacted me after seeing a print of a horse painting I had done that was there. She was curious as to if I did commissions. I wrote her back and didn't hear from her, so figured she had changed her mind. A week later her husband contacted me and commissioned me to do a painting for her for Christmas. I've been painting like crazy since. A couple of days ago I got another e-mail from his wife saying that she was still interested and would contact me after the holidays. She is in for a big surprise!
Here is the finished art. I am taking it to the framer in the morning. The ordered frame is in, and the woman's husband is meeting me there to pick it up.


  1. I cannot tell you how talented and gifted you are. Your work is stunning. I am proud to own an original!

  2. Patti ... The painting is just full of Life ... really awesome... I am so proud of you girl!!!!!!

  3. Frank, Thanks that means a lot coming from you. It was a joy to work on, and I also sold it as a flag that will be out this fall. Yippee!