Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been very busy creating product sheets for licensing some of my images. This helps to show potential buyers what my work would look like on their products. I then send them to my licensing agent and she can show them to the buyers. It's been fun playing in photoshop to create these. I recently got the new version , cs4 and am really liking it. I also got a new mac with a larger screen which has been really nice. With my old mac I was never sure if I turned it off if it would come back on again. ( a definite sign that a new one was in order) On top of that I got a new wacom pad. I am left handed, and I love that I could set this up so the controls worked for me. I was always bumping the controls on the old one, and things would either blow up or decrease in size suddenly. The wheel for sizing on the new one is pretty cool too.


  1. Hey Patti, Great idea! They look good.I got my first wacom about 2 years ago, they were out of the small one so I got a 9 x 12. I would like the small one better I think. Kay

  2. I love your tearsheets. You did a great job on them! Joan Beiriger

  3. I have really liked doing them, and coming up with ideas of what else I can pop my images onto.It's also been a lot of really good practice with photoshop.